Business Process Automation

The world is in the midst of experiencing the 4th Industrial Revolution and Business Process Automation is the first step towards the modern age of operations.
Combined as a plethora of technologies, this new way of executing and managing processes will increase your productivity without increasing your overall investment in human resources. Not only that, Business Process Automation ensure a streamlined, smart and a fool proof way of working in this era.

Clubbed with Cognitive Abilities, these technologies become your Digital Workforce which takes away the mundane and monotonous tasks away and enables your workforce to become more capable by focusing their human intelligence to more deserving tasks.
This ability has made the technology a silver bullet to improve efficiencies across varied industries across the globe and it acts as the lever that will take corporate functions to next level by Improving Employee and Customer Satisfaction, Accelerating Productivity Gains and Enhancing Compliance.

Enterprise Software Solutions

Microsoft Enterprise Solutions Suite
Google Enterprise Solutions Suite

Industry 4.0

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Internet of Things (IoT)
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Machine Learning (ML)
Mobility Solutions

Domain Expertise

Oil & Gas



Consultancy Services

We at BQUBE, understand the fact that this journey towards Business Process Automation needs to start from the roots and has to be built upwards from there.

With this in mind, our team of experts work hand in hand with your stakeholders as Consultants, who prioritize identification, gathering and analysis of the requirement and from there onward device the solution that works the best for you.

Our Offering

  • Process Discovery Workshops
  • Requirement Gathering and Analysis
  • Process Mapping
  • Custom Software Solutions Presentation
  • Proof of Concepts (POCs)
  • Assumptive Productivity Enhancement Analysis
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Deployment

Providing you with the highest level of services for your business